May 25, 2016 Mike Robinson

Volusion Custom 404 Page Plugin


With the Volusion Custom 404 page plugin, you can easily design and activate a 404 page on your site with custom images and colors.

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Easily edit your site’s error page!

The Volusion Custom 404 page plugin allows you to easily design and activate a unique 404 page on your site. Use the plugin’s simple interface to brand your error page with custom images and colors, as well as a search box. The search box will allow your users to easily find the page they were initially looking for.

A 404 Page is shown to users when they accidentally navigate to a page on your site that doesn’t exist. By default, Volusion does not show a 404 page and, as a result, your browser shows an unbranded, ugly error.

Avoid costly custom development by using the Volusion Custom 404 Page Plugin on your Volusion site today!

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