June 2, 2016 Mike Robinson

Volusion Automatic Price Update Plugin


Automatically update your products’ prices when options are selected on your store’s product pages.

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Enable an automatic price update for product options on your Volusion product page.

In Volusion, when a customer updates a product’s options and a price difference exists, they must refresh the page to see the price change. This leads to a poor user experience which can result in lost sales. With our Automatic Price Update plugin, price changes happen automatically. This means there’s less time spent on the product page and more time in the shopping cart and checkout (thus an increased chance for greater sales).

UPDATE: Our plugin has been updated to support international currencies so it can now be used worldwide!

Better user experiences result in higher sales while improving your site’s reputation. Get the Automatic Price Update plugin today and instantly improve your user’s shopping experience on your Volusion store!

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