November 3, 2017 Miller Media

Ultimate Location Field

Vector map icon with Pin Pointer




Store advanced location data in IPS4 with our Ultimate Location Field!

The ultimate location field adds a new custom field type to your databases created in the IPS Pages application. This is an enhancement of the existing core Address field, with the main difference being that it stores specific locations of latitude/longitude, regardless of if the location has a physical address or not.


  • Store any location – not just addresses
  • Choose what types of location data to collect
  • Drag and drop update of location via Google maps
  • Google Places autocompletes search integration so errors are easily avoided
  • Ajax dropdown per user of recently saved locations
  • Autocomplete search of previously saved locations
  • Automatic user geolocation with HTML5

Collect additional location information and, as a result, enrich the experience of your community’s users easily and affordably with Ultimate Location Field.

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