November 2, 2017 Miller Media

Automation Rules




Create a series of custom rules for your Invision Community Suite installation and take your site to the next level with Automation Rules!


  • Automatically update/modify content and member attributes, statuses, and properties
  • Automatically send emails, create conversations, and send notifications
  • Add your own custom data fields to any content, categories, or members
  • Build relationships between fields and content to keep data synchronized
  • Create rule sets that work together to form automated workflows
  • Define your own custom actions and use them in rules
  • Schedule actions to happen at specific times (one-time or recurring)
  • Schedule bulk processing routines for content and members on your site
  • Share and refine your rules with other communities using import/export

Example Rule #823:

  • WHEN: New content is posted
  • IF: Content author’s post count equals 1
  • THEN: Send “Congratulations, Welcome to our community!” email

This will send all new members a welcome email after their first post.

Example Rule Set #56:

Rules also allows you to attach new “custom data” fields to any member, content container, or content type in your system. These fields can be used to create all new features and behaviors on your site that go beyond what was ever imagined with the core IPS suite. For example, you can create a new “integer” data field for members and call it “Prestige”. Then you can create a rule such as:

  • WHEN: Reputation is given
  • IF: Member giving reputation belongs to the “Elder” member group
  • THEN: Add the reputation value to the member’s “Prestige” field

Congratulations, you’ve just created a brand new type of reputation system. You could write another rule in order to take that example a step further such as:

  • WHEN: Member’s “Prestige” is updated
  • IF: “Prestige” is greater than 100 (and) Member is not already an Elder
  • THEN: Change the members group to Elder

You have just created a whole new social promotion system within your community! The possibilities of what you can do with rules are only limited by your imagination.

Expansion Packs (plugins that add ECA’s to apps):


Enhanced Applications (apps with customized ECA’s):


Rule Packs (pre-built customizable rules):

Notable Features

  • Over 500 built in events, conditions, and actions for stock IPS products and contributed apps.
  • Configure rule actions to happen in real time or at a future time.
  • Schedule and unscheduled actions from inside of rules or manually through your ACP.
  • Built in lists of “replacement tokens” for including variable data in text entry fields (like email content)
  • Fully extensible by other apps and plugins to add new tokens, events, conditions, and actions.
  • Look for Rules Expansion Packs in the marketplace which add new events/conditions/actions.
  • Create your own custom actions within the rules app and invoke them by rules.
  • Create your own custom data fields for any entity on your site to manipulate with rules.
  • Grouped rules together into rule groups and rule sets for easy management.
  • Easily import and export rules and sets in order to share with friends or distribute as your own rule packs.
  • Built-in rule debugging console for full visibility of what your rules are doing on your system.
  • Built in rules error and performance logging console.

Complete Stock ECA List:

Standard Content Driven Events


  • Created or updated
  • Approved
  • Pinned / unpinned
  • Featured / unfeatured
  • Locked / unlocked
  • Hidden / unhidden
  • Reported
  • Deleted
  • Author has changed

Content Item:

  • Has been published / unpublished
  • Has been moved
  • Multiple Content Items are being merged
  • Tags have been updated
  • Is being viewed

Standard Custom Events

  • Custom data has been updated
  • Custom event has been triggered

Standard Member Driven Events

  • Logged in / out of system
  • Account creation
  • Profile update
  • Flagged as spammer
  • Unflagged as spammer
  • Banned
  • Unbanned
  • Account validation
  • Accounts being merged
  • Account deletion
  • Receives reputation points
  • Has been given a warning

Standard Global Events

  • Record is created or updated in the database
  • Deletion of record from the database
  • Page is being viewed

Standard Content Conditions


  • Is of a certain type
  • Has a particular status ( pinned, locked, featured, etc )
  • Has a particular author
  • Contains particular tags
  • Attribute values ( comment count, start date, last post, etc )
  • Content is in a particular container ( Forum, Category, etc )

Standard Member Conditions

  • Is in certain member group(s)
  • Has a particular status ( validated, banned, etc )
  • Attribute values ( post count, join date, title, etc )
  • Is following another member
  • Is ignoring another member

Standard Global Conditions

  • String values ( starts with, contains, ends with, etc )
  • Number values ( greater than, less than, equal to, etc )
  • Truth values ( is true, is false, is not empty, etc )
  • Value type ( string, integer, currency, etc )
  • Array (list) values ( list length, list contains, etc )
  • Date comparisons ( before, after, on, etc )
  • Object comparisons ( object class, object subclass, etc )
  • Board Status ( Offline / Online )
  • Execute Custom PHP Code

Standard Content Actions

  • Modify content tags ( add to, remove from, set explicitly )
  • Pin / unpin content
  • Feature / unfeature content
  • Lock / unlock content
  • Hide / unhide content
  • Delete content
  • Change content author
  • Move content to a new container
  • Create new content
  • Create new comment

Standard Custom Actions

  • Trigger custom action
  • Update custom data value

Standard Member Actions

  • Change primary group of member
  • Add secondary group(s) to member
  • Remove secondary group(s) from member
  • Set secondary group(s) on member
  • Change member title
  • Flag / unflag member as spammer
  • Ban / unban member
  • Prune member

Standard Global Actions

  • Send an email
  • Create new private conversation
  • Create new member notification
  • Display inline message on page
  • Redirect to another page
  • Delete a scheduled action
  • Execute Custom PHP Code

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